The Last Hat Salesman

Last summer my father died in a nursing home adjacent to Central Expressway, the road that, some 57 years ago, he, my mother, my two sisters, and I took to Dallas for the first time, strangers in a strange land. Like thousands of others, we were East Coast expatriates, Jews in a city of gentiles. We were filled with hope and fear. As our leader, my father exuded the most hope and the most fear. He had come here to reinvent himself in a place ripe for reinvention. For the next six decades—from age 38 to his death at 95—my… Full Story

The Legend of Chris Kyle

There’s a story about Chris Kyle: on a cold January morning in 2010, he pulled into a gas station somewhere along Highway 67, south of Dallas. He was driving his supercharged black Ford F350 outfitted with black rims and oversize knobby mudding tires. Kyle had replaced the Ford logo on the grill with a small chrome skull, similar to the Punisher emblem from the Marvel Comics series, and added a riot-ready aftermarket grill guard bearing the words ROAD ARMOR. He had just left the Navy and moved back to Texas. Two guys approached him with pistols and demanded his money… Full Story

Business Lunch: Bowery

Let’s be honest: Dallas palates may be sophisticated, but more business deals are probably closed over a cheese enchilada platter or double hamburger than chateaubriand for two. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. We may enjoy the latest culinary trend and exotic protein de jour, but our hearts and taste buds always come back to the simpler pleasures: comfort food. Lately, fried chicken has taken the spotlight, with area chefs elevating the common bird to new gastronomic heights. Next up: the lowly hot dog. Gourmet franks are a national trend, and celebrated Dallas restaurateurs such as Phil Romano and… Full Story

Business Lunch: Stampede 66

Clad in a wide-brimmed Stetson and spurs that jingle-jangle-jingle, the Texas mystique is a powerful thing. It’s romantic and alluring. But it’s not really Dallas. Our city was built on banking, not cattle drives. Our landscape is more  gleaming skyscrapers than wide open spaces. Sure, you’ll find a few local souls into ropin’ and ridin’. But you’ll find far more into shoppin’ and brunchin’. That’s why, on first visit, Stampede 66 is such a yeehaw assault on the senses: cowhide club chairs, Texas ranch scenes on TV screens, a wire-coiled rattler snaking through the dining room, and longhorns hanging over the bar.… Full Story

Business Lunch: British Beverage Co.

The running joke amongst my friends is that I can’t do a British accent to save my bloody life. The closest I can come is to yell, “ALLO GUVNAH!” in some cartoonish Texas twang meets Liverpool cockney mashup. God save the queen, indeed. Happily, Uptown’s new British Beverage Company—located in the old Hully & Mo space at the Quadrangle—is just British enough to satisfy anglophiles without encouraging any frowned upon faux accents. Designed by local firm Plan B, the handsome interior feels like a modern take on the traditional pub. Sure, there are a few Union Jack-inspired clichés, complete with a London taxi… Full Story

Helping Patients on the Road to Recovery

Michael Fowler had alienated his entire family, dropped out of college, and been in and out of about 10 rehabilitation centers before he truly realized that he needed help. After spending the better part of 15 years in substance abuse programs, he was well into his 30s before figuring out that he had to want to get better to make it work. Today, the former Preston Hollow resident, now nearing a decade of sobriety, is back in touch with his family and spends his days encouraging others with similar struggles. Fowler began working at Caron Texas, a Collin County in-patient… Full Story

Larry Lacerte’s Fight For His Life

After his leukemia diagnosis in 2010, Larry Lacerte had plenty of time in his hospital room to contemplate his life and fate. But the father of seven, then 58 years old, was loathe to complain. “I don’t think I’d do anything different,” Lacerte says, sitting in the elegant dining room of his Highland Park home. Few of us might be so sanguine. To those who know him, Lacerte is a quiet but influential force in the Dallas business community. He sold his first company, Lacerte Software Corp., to Intuit in 1998 for a whopping $400 million. Three years later he… Full Story

How Hubert Zajicek Jump-Starts Companies

It was 2011, and entrepreneur Cyndi Nickel was in search of a business incubator. Her Austin-based biotech firm DxUpClose, founded in 2009, was using lab space at Texas State University in San Marcos. It was time to get out from under the university’s wings, but Nickel needed easy access to a sophisticated laboratory. Representing an early-stage venture still in the development phase of its product, she wasn’t ready to go out and build her own lab. In her search, Nickel heard about the North Texas Enterprise Center and met NTEC’s Hubert Zajicek, the center’s managing director-medical technology. Zajicek encouraged Nickel… Full Story

Why International Medical Tourism is Growing

Like many Americans, Mckinney resident Jorga Clark struggled with her weight, which led to high blood pressure and diabetes. After several unsuccessful diets, her Plano internal medicine physician recommend “one last shot:” bariatric surgery. Clark, 64, says her “really good health insurance” did not cover the procedure, which runs about $12,000. “That’s a lot out-of-pocket,” she says. “But this was important for my health.” Clark began shopping on the Internet and concluded that having the procedure done internationally was the answer. She contacted Medical Tourism Connection in Fort Worth to help set it up. The company gave her possible destinations… Full Story

The Best Doctors in Dallas 2012

Each year, D Magazine publishes a list of the area’s top physicians, as determined by their peers. This year’s roster includes 704 doctors in 43 specialties—including 149 physicians who are new to the list. Here are some frequently asked questions about how the program works. How does D Magazine determine which doctors make the list? Best Doctors is a peer-review voting process. We rely on the doctors’ expertise to determine who deserves to be on the list, just like a doctor would recommend a patient to a specialist. This year, we mailed a letter to 7,913 local doctors from our online directory inviting… Full Story