Dallas Leads the Nation in Drunk-driving Deaths

Statistics measuring drinking and driving can be tricky. If you’re looking for the city where drunken driving is most prevalent, you can’t just count arrests. One city might police it more strenuously than another. But there can be no confusion about traffic deaths in which alcohol plays a role, and Dallas has more of those than any other city in the country. In the only peer-reviewed (i.e., trustworthy) study found on the subject, LSU’s Department of Public Health and Preventive Medicine ranked 97 cities based on their number of alcohol-related traffic fatalities. The study, released in 2002, was titled “The… Full Story

Adults Living With ADHD

When Texas Rangers second baseman Ian Kinsler spoke openly about his attention deficit disorder last fall, he wasn’t concerned about public perception or the stigma that often comes with the diagnosis. As a child, he struggled with paying attention and talking too much in class. In eighth grade he began taking Adderall, a medication that helped him focus better, and he hasn’t looked back. “I think if it’s affecting the people around you and they notice it, you need to check yourself out and look in the mirror,” Kinsler said in an interview with D on opening day of Rangers… Full Story

Breakfast With Joel Allison

Joel Allison, Baylor Health Care System CEO, typically starts his day at 4 a.m., arriving at the Baylor Tom Landry Fitness Center for his morning workout about 10 minutes before its official opening time at 5 a.m. (He’s able to let himself in.) He does an hour or so on the elliptical machine, maybe some weights, and then he’s off to work. It’s all just a tiny bit tougher than usual this morning, he says, because he was rooting on the Rangers until nearly midnight. “I’ll probably pay for it later today, but it was worth it. You’re not going… Full Story

Concierge Medicine: Good for Patients—and Physicians

When 44-year-old Donette Kean began suffering from rheumatoid arthritis, she traveled to the Arizona outpost of the renowned Mayo Clinic for treatment. Then she found North Texas physician Cyrus Peikari. Kean, the owner of a Dallas wine importing company, visited Peikari on the recommendation of a neighbor. Peikari told his new patient his goal for her was to “live life fully,” and to shed her regimen of arthritis medications. Peikari spent time digging into Kean’s situation and decided hormone replacement therapy could be the answer. After six months, it was clear it was. “He has given me a new lease… Full Story

Weight-loss Surgeries Booming in DFW

Bonnie Simons is a friendly, outgoing woman with a slim build and a youthful exuberance. You might never guess that just over a year ago, the 5-foot, 8-inch bank executive weighed 330 pounds and was losing her husband of nearly 25 years to cancer. Simons’ struggle with her weight began early. She recalls dieting even as a child. When she put on a few pounds during puberty, she didn’t think much of it and dismissed it as a growth spurt. In college, while her peers gained the typical 15 pounds, Simons gained 75. After college, she married her husband Aaron,… Full Story

Meet the Area’s Top Healthcare Entrepreneurs

It should come as no surprise that the finalists in this year’s Ernst & Young Entrepreneurs Of The Year Program included seven leaders involved in North Texas healthcare, including Karen Kennedy of Impel Management Services and Medical Clinic of North Texas, Stephen L. Mansfield of Methodist Health System, Stephen M. Mooney of Confier Health Solutions, David K. White of Medmark Services Inc., J.R. Thomas of MedSynergies, Robert Vaters of Orthofix International, and Sunny Sanyal of T-System Inc. Click here to read profiles of all 42 honorees.

Meet the CEO: Bruce Sammis, Lockton Dunning

Bruce Sammis heads up Lockton Dunning Benefits, the largest privately held insurance broker in the world—and growing. Lockton recently launched a new specialty practice that uses science and economics to determine the value of a company’s wellness programs.

The Best Doctors in Collin County

For years, D Magazine has published an annual list of top physicians that skews toward the region’s urban core, Dallas, because that, for the most part, is where the doctors practice. But with the growth of Collin County and our realization that it has developed its own distinct medical community, we felt it was important to produce a separate list.

D Magazine’s Excellence in Nursing Awards

For our inaugural Excellence in Nursing Awards, we asked doctors, patients, and other nurses to nominate the most outstanding nurses in North Texas. We really didn’t know what sort of response we’d get. So we were both gladdened and overwhelmed when we received 349 nominations. There was the nurse who contained an outbreak in a school. Then there was the nurse who staged a senior prom in the hospital for a patient who couldn’t attend his. Each nomination seemed more compelling than the last. Thankfully, we had some help picking the winners you’ll meet in the following pages. They all deserve our… Full Story