The High Cost of Not Vaccinating


Measles has made a comeback in all the wrong ways across the country, mostly stemming from low vaccination rates in certain schools, neighborhoods, or religious communities. While most measles cases aren’t fatal, they can have major health impacts, and as more and more people choose to not get vaccinated, it endangers those who are not able to be vaccinated for proven health reasons.

A measles case popped up in Dallas County this spring, and a protocol was set into motion to prevent the disease from spreading further. The consequences of decreasing vaccination rates are more than just painful pustules on unvaccinated children; there are added costs to the public and private health systems when they are forced to deal with a disease that was supposed to be eradicated years ago.

The cost of responding to a single measles case costs $142,000, according to a 2019 Journal of the American Medical Association paper. If the person is uninsured, that uncompensated care is a cost tax payers, hospitals, and indirectly insurance providers must bear.

Learn more about how Dallas’s public and private healthcare providers are preparing for and dealing with increased likelihood for more local measles cases here.