Why International Medical Tourism is Growing

Like many Americans, Mckinney resident Jorga Clark struggled with her weight, which led to high blood pressure and diabetes. After several unsuccessful diets, her Plano internal medicine physician recommend “one last shot:” bariatric surgery.

Clark, 64, says her “really good health insurance” did not cover the procedure, which runs about $12,000.

“That’s a lot out-of-pocket,” she says. “But this was important for my health.”

Clark began shopping on the Internet and concluded that having the procedure done internationally was the answer. She contacted Medical Tourism Connection in Fort Worth to help set it up. The company gave her possible destinations and estimated pricing. She chose Mexico—specifically, Cancun—because she had been there before and the tourism aspect was important to her.

Medical Tourism Connection then provided Clark with a list of facilities and physicians in Cancun. After reviewing their credentials and outcomes, she narrowed the search to two facilities and a physician who practiced at both. The Fort Worth company helped her set up telephone interviews with the practice managers and the physician.

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