Catalyst Health Network’s New Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Jeffrey Bullard will be the Chief Medical Officer for the Catalyst Health Network, a nonprofit network of physicians who coordinate care and share data and best practices. Bullard focuses on integrative medicine, behavioral health, and family medicine, and advocates for enhancing primary care through technology. He designed MaxHealth Family, Internal and Sports Medicine in Colleyville, which addresses everything from nutrition and mental health to sports medicine and chronic disease. He also founded Acuity Brain Center, which addresses mental and brain health needs with technology. “I’ve spent my life working to enrich the lives of patients and the primary care physicians who… Full Story

Insights From CEOs of Baylor, UnitedHealthcare, Catalyst, Caddis, and More

Providers, health plans, and pharmacies are uniting into single entities while evidence shows that investing upstream with primary care improves quality and reduces healthcare costs. In a battle against ever increasing premiums, employers are looking at ways to spend less on healthcare, with more and more moving to self-funded plans, educating their employees about how their choices impact everyone’s cost, and redesigning their pharmacy benefit plans for up to 50 percent savings. These are just a few of the insights shared during the D CEO 2019 Healthcare Roundtable, a sponsored discussion from the July issue with North Texas Healthcare leaders.… Full Story

Bringing the Free Market to Dallas Healthcare

At the Free Market Medical Association conference earlier this spring, Johns Hopkins surgeon Dr. Martin Makary showed the crowd a chart about how prices for different items has changed since 1998. Housing, childcare, and wages were up significantly, while cars and clothing had remained mostly static. Toys, televisions, and cell phone service were much lower than 20 years ago. But the items with the largest jumps, around 200 percent more expensive than 20 years ago, are hospital services and college tuition. Makary, best-selling author of The Price We Pay about how employers and families can lower healthcare costs, went on to… Full Story

“Providers Will Run Amok” – Dallas Does Too Many Surgeries

Half of all adults are impacted by musculoskeletal conditions, greater than the number of people impacted by chronic heart and lung conditions, according to the Centers for Disease Control. But because of mismanaged care, many of these injuries are costing patients, their employers, and taxpayers much more than they should. At a recent meeting of the Dallas-Fort Worth Business Group on Health, Dr. Scott Conard of Converging Health moderated a discussion about how to bring down MSK costs between Catalyst Health CEO Dr. Chris Crow, Vice President of Clinical Strategy at Airrosti Dr. Chris Cato, and Administration Services Manager for the… Full Story

Catalyst Health Network Expands to East Texas, Adding More Than 100 Physicians

Catalyst Health Network is extending its reach by adding Strive Clinical Network, a group of over 100 primary care physicians throughout East Texas. Catalyst is a nonprofit that focuses on allowing physicians to maintain their independence while coordinating care and reducing costs for practitioners and patients through value-based care. “This marks Catalyst’s first expansion outside of the North Texas area and demonstrates the value and benefit our model can create for physicians, patients and payors across Texas,” said Christopher Crow, M.D. president of Catalyst via release. The expansion will give Strive access to Catalyst’s programs, resources, and value-based contracts that… Full Story

The Potential Impact of Blue Cross Blue Shield’s Medical Centers

Last week, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas announced its entry into the provider space with 10 clinics opening near Dallas and Houston next year. The clinics will include primary care, urgent care, lab and diagnostic imaging services, care coordination, and wellness and disease management programs, and were framed as part of the insurer’s desire to advance value-based care in the medical space – but other providers see the clinics as direct competition. Value-based care is growing in popularity as the industry transitions away from fee-for service, where providers are paid based on the number of procedures or tests that… Full Story

Catalyst and UnitedHealthcare’s ACO Saved $28 million Over the Last Two Years

Catalyst Health Network and UnitedHealthcare’s accountable care organization knocked $28 million off of North Texas healthcare costs over the last two years for UnitedHealthcare’s 78,000 plan participants. The ACO was established in 2015 with a goal of changing the way providers are reimbursed. The organization is moving away from the traditional fee-for-service model and into a system where providers are paid based on results and patient satisfaction. The savings have come from catching disease early through screenings, keeping referrals in-network, reducing emergency room visits, and more. In the last year, the ACO saw ER visits decrease by 4 percent, in-network… Full Story

Business Group and Providers Find Millions in Back Pain Savings

An employer group teamed up with local providers to codify treatment for lower back pain that they say could save local employers millions. The course of care for patients was evidence-based and is meant to improve efficiency and bring down costs. The Dallas-Fort Worth Business Group on Health created the Innovative Quality Healthcare Collaborative with the help of providers that include Baylor Scott and White Health Texas Provider Network, Catalyst Health Network, Spine Team Texas, and Texas Back Institute to create courses of care for employers to bring down healthcare costs. The course was created after researching what is normally done… Full Story

PepsiCo Hopes to Change the Way Its Employees Use Healthcare By Paying For It

PepsiCo chose North Texas as the first region where it will pay employees’ insurance premiums if they use certain physician groups, a savings of up to $650, according to the Dallas Morning News. Over 5,200 employees and their families enrolled in the program, whose goal is to get more people to see their primary care physician. If workers from Pepsi see a physician before April, they get a $100 gift card, DMN reports. They can choose between Catalyst Health Network, Genesis Physicians Group, and the North Texas Clinically Integrated Network as their primary care doctors. Pepsi chose DFW because its workers’ healthcare costs are $3,000… Full Story

Stratifi Health and Catalyst Leaders Recognized by The Texas Academy of Family Physicians

Dr. Christopher Crow, Lance Spivey, and Jeff Lawrence of StratiFi Health and Catalyst Health Network received the Presidential Award of Merit from the The Texas Academy of Family Physicians last week. The award was given for their leadership and dedication to family medicine. TAFP is an organization that unites family doctors of Texas with advocacy, education, and services for their members, with 33 chapters statewide. Crow is a family physician and who has helped build Catalyst Health Network, a group of primary care physicians who coordinate care to improve quality, and is co-founder and CEO of StatiFi Health, which helps… Full Story