Eosera Doubles Its Footprint in Fort Worth

Eosera, Inc., the biotech company that specializes in product ear-treatment will expand to a larger facility in Fort Worth by the end of this month. Eosera’s founder and CEO, Elyse Dickerson hopes the larger space will benefit the company’s increasing consumer demand for their ear-care products. The expansion doubles the size of the company’s warehouse and manufacturing space, where all manufacturing of Eosera’s products are done. The growth arrives with the addition of two new products. “The main driver is expansion of retail distribution and expansion of our product line. So because of both of those, we’ve had to increase our production of… Full Story

Get To Know the CEO of This Local Woman-Powered Ear Health Company

Elyse Dickerson runs a successful biotech firm called Eosera, whose ear health products can be found at Target, CVS, Amazon, and other retailers. But it wasn’t always a smooth path to success. Dickerson overcame dyslexia and teachers who didn’t believe in her abilities as a young age, and she lost her job after over a decade a big pharmaceutical company. But all of that didn’t stop her from putting together a multi-million dollar company, and she helps pay it forward by mentoring and guiding other women in the industry. Read the full Q and A with Eosera’s CEO Elyse Dickerson… Full Story

Local Biotech Company Expands National Retail Footprint with Ear Care Product

Biotech ear care company Eosera is expanding into Rite Aid stores after Amazon and CVS picked up the products. Earwax MD and Ear Pain MD are over-the-counter products targeting the millions of people who suffer from earwax impaction and ear pain. While earwax naturally accumulates, it can be impacted if it hardens within the the ear canal, which can result in pain and hearing loss. Six percent of the global population suffers from earwax impaction, including up to 10 percent of children and 65 percent of seniors over 65, according to the National Institutes of Health. In the US, 12… Full Story