Now Open: The $4.2 Million JPS Emergency Department Expansion

JPS Health Network’s $4.2 million emergency department expansion is now open, adding 12 patient care spaces to the emergency department at JPS Hospital. Earlier this year the emergency room was on code yellow, usually reserved for pending emergency, a missing patient, severe weather or another emergency. In this case, it was just that the hospital with Tarrant County’s only level 1 trauma center was experiencing a high patient load. JPS has one of the nation’s busiest emergency departments, and adding the patient spaces, which include chairs and beds, will allow providers to process patients more quickly. The current ED has 56 patient… Full Story

JPS Has One of the Busiest ERs in the Country – And it’s Growing

Earlier this year, news outlets reported that John Peter Smith hospital in Fort Worth declared a Code Yellow due to high volume. While the emergency department at JPS is almost always crowded, an expansion is in the works. It turns out, being inundated with patients is somewhat the norm for the county hospital, according to Dr. Jessica Kirby, Medical Director of the JPS Emergency Department. They spend around 90 percent of their time in crowded status, which is below code yellow. Code Yellow is reserved for a pending emergency, a missing patient, severe weather or another emergency. But why was JPS on… Full Story