Former Employees Detail An Alleged Pharma Scheme At Dallas-based Medoc Health Services

If you’re an avid consumer of this website or of Dallas healthcare news, then you might remember the brief I wrote several months back about an FBI raid at Medoc Health Services, citing the Dallas Morning News. Since then, I spoke to former employees at the Dallas-based firm who detail what they say is a massive scheme in which Medoc acted as prescription manager on behalf of physicians grouped into the aforementioned businesses, to the detriment of their patients. As I wrote in my September column in D CEO, sources allege that the physicians involved gave Medoc a lot of… Full Story

Report: Dallas-based Medoc Health Services Raided by FBI on Wednesday

Worth pointing this one out, in case you missed it in the Dallas Morning News on Thursday morning: Federal agents on Wednesday, the paper reports, raided Medoc Health Services, a company that says on its website that it does “healthcare management services” and employs more than 200 people across the country. The raid occurred at Medoc’s Dallas headquarters near Lyndon B Johnson Fwy and Webb Chapel Road. As the DMN dug up, Medoc has ties to several other companies in the building via Kevin Kuykendall and Mark Schneider. Kuykendall serves as Medoc’s CEO and Schneider founded the firm, according to their… Full Story