Baylor’s Dr. Goran Klintmalm Remembers Pioneering Organ Transplant Surgeon Dr. Thomas Starzl as ‘Second Father, Mentor’

Dr. Goran Klintmalm, chairman and chief of Baylor University’s Simmons Transplant Institute, fondly remembers his “mentor” and “second father” Dr. Tom Starzl, the pioneer organ transplant surgeon, who died Saturday at the age of 90. “There was nothing he didn’t know,” Klintmalm said. “He never forgot anything he’s ever seen, or heard, or read. He could recall anything with incredible memory. It’s why he was the single most published [medical] author in the 20th century.” Starzl, who was known for performing the first successful liver transplant in the 1960s and discovering immunosupression drugs that dramatically increase the survival rate of… Full Story