Hospitals Now Have to Post Their Prices, But is That a Good Thing?

A federal law that requires hospitals to post their prices went into effect yesterday, moving toward the transparency that consumers are likely to say they desire. But the complicated system of who pays for healthcare may lead to more confusion. The new law requires hospitals to post their price for standard charges, but because insurance companies negotiate with providers on the price they will pay for an operation, many say the “price” that is posted will be meaningless. In addition, each consumer’s insurance plan will impact what the person actually pays for a procedure. In addition, patient health can cause… Full Story

Texas Health Dallas Has A New Nurse-Assisting Robot

Texas Health Dallas will soon deploy, on a pilot basis, a new artificial intelligence-fueled nurse-assisting robot named Moxi, which the system says could help it free up its nursing and other staff members to do the more important work. Texas Health Resources will first explore whether Moxi, built by Austin company Diligent Robotics, can effectively ease the burden in a neurology and stroke unit in Dallas. From Texas Health: On a typical day, someone on the nursing or support staff at Texas Health Dallas may have to fill shelves in supply rooms, set up and stock patient rooms, run labs… Full Story

Texas Hospital Association Recognizes Project in Vickery Meadow

The Texas Hospital Association has awarded its 2017 Excellence in Community Service Award to Texas Health Dallas for its collaboration on a project in Dallas’ refugee-heavy Vickery Meadow neighborhood. The Northwest Community Center is the result of a group effort between Texas health Resources, Texas Health Dallas, Northwest Bible Church, and Healing Hands Ministries. The organizations built a center to provide english classes, pastoral care, job training tutoring, and a primary care clinic operated by Healing Hands. Vickery Meadow is a community of more than 26,000 people speaking more than 40 languages. The staff at Northwest Community Center covers an impressive… Full Story