Village Health Partners Merges with Texas Family Medicine

Plano primary care practice Village Health Partners has merged with Texas Family Medicine, expanding VHP’s reach into Frisco. Both practices are part of the Catalyst Health Network, whose goal is to empower independent primary care physicians while providing comprehensive care. “Village Health Partners is excited for the opportunity to continue to serve the North Texas community through our merger with Texas Family Medicine,” said Village Health Partners Chief Operations Officer Patrick Figures via release. “We believe this will help bring better services to patients, drawing on the strengths of both practices.” The merger will expand the two practices’ ability to… Full Story

Join Us for D CEO’s Value-Based Care Healthcare Breakfast Panel

In many of today’s medical practices, patients and their insurers pay for the procedures and time spent treating their illness, regardless of the outcome. Whether or not the patient needed that blood test, brain scan, or knee scope, they are paying for it directly or indirectly. While it would be bad business to intentionally stack up unnecessary charges, even the most well-meaning providers are incentivized to provide more medical treatment than is actually necessary because of the fee-for-service model of healthcare. But with skyrocketing health costs adding pressure to the employers and taxpayers who pay for healthcare, new systems have… Full Story

Mercer, DFW Providers Working on Medical Home for High-risk Patients

Call it Medical Home 2.0. Baylor’s Health Texas Provider Network, Village Health Partners of Plano, and consulting firm Mercer are teaming up to create a medical home for high-risk patients, or what could be called a chronic patient-centered medical home. Mercer is working with an unidentified 6,000-employee Dallas-area firm to stratify the top 20 percent of workers who are likely to spend the most on healthcare. According to the federal Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, the top 20 percent of patients incur 80 percent of healthcare costs. According to Eric Bassett, a consultant in health and benefits in Mercer’s… Full Story